For more nearly a decade, Rich Enterprises has been a source of insight, inspiration and innovation, uncovering the ideas and techniques of the thought leaders and practitioners driving brand leadership today.


Clients have gained key insights from Rich Wisdom into the critical areas shaping brand management. Including brand strategy, brand storytelling, brand culture, brand architecture, big data, brand marketing, brand equity, brand research, brand growth, pricing strategy, brand licensing, building emotional connections and customer experience. Our goal is clear; help marketing oriented leaders and professionals build strong brands.



Brand expansion: Our model incorporates the five elements that drive a customer to insist upon a particular brand to meet his or her needs – brand awareness, accessibility, value, relevant differentiation and emotional connection. Our goals through proven strategies is to help companies and brands expand through use of various mediums including but not limited to social media, printed media, and televised media. Our consultants include search engine optimization experts, graphic designers, web designers and research consultants. We help brands extend into the right markets for growth while maintaining the integrity of the brand promise. 

Brand Education: 


We help marketers better understand key concepts in brand management. We meet your team’s specific learning objectives through custom designed, interactive brand education workshops.

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