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Many pastors work up to seventy hours a week. These sacrifices come at the peril of their families and personal lives. Majority of the Pastor in America are bi-vocational and have to juggle the struggles and stresses of ministry while balancing a fulltime job.  Many are depressed and feel hopeless while helping others.  Others feel inadequate and demotivated.  Many are depressed and overweight.  There is an undeniable pleasure, but a daunting pain that comes with the profession and call of pastoring.  In ministry for nearly two decades, Pastor Rich paints the grim reality that many members would never know. Every pastor, who is part of the fraternal order in ministry will understand, feel, and applaud the fact that their members will finally know their pain. Allow Pastor Rich to take you behind the scenes of what many Pastor’s across the world experience. This is The Pain of Pastoring!

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